Planning your ceremony at Severndroog Castle?

Congratulations! You made a really great choice by choosing this unique castle to host your ceremony. Perhaps you live in London and visited the this Gothic-style building on Shooter's Hill, Greenwich. If you're not local and haven't visited this place I'd highly recommend you to take a look and spend couple of hours walking around this epic landmark of South East London.



First thighs first, book your ceremony early! At Severndroog castle there is only one ceremony can be held at one time and therefore the castle can easily be fully booked in a year advance. Get in touch early with the venue and send your inquiry for your proposed day so you can secure it before somebody else does. The most busiest period of course is the summer season, but not far from it the autumn is VERY popular too. In fact, according to wedding experts, September and October make it into the top 4 months of the year to get married. I personally prefer the warm colours of autumn afternoons.



Get in touch with the venue and organise a meeting with the event manager. This is a perfect opportunity to see the space you'll have and make plans for the decoration, food and drinks and the layout of the room for the ceremony. You can organise your own catering or just ask the venue to recommend you a local caterer. You will need to also think about the music if you want to have your own songs to be played during the marriage. Also walk around the surrounding park to find spots for the couple photo session. Also refine your guest list so that you don’t exceed your maximum numbers (and always remember to include yourselves in your calculations!). The Lady James Room is licensed for ceremonies and holds 28 seated or 40 standing guests.


The space:

Although the rooms in the venue are not huge, you can use some really great space for your preparation upstairs just above the ceremony room. The castle has some really beautiful medieval-inspired windows with some amazing views over the surrounding landscapes. Inform the venue manager that you'd like to arrive a little earlier to prepare your dress, makeup and hair and make sure you invite your photographer to document this beautiful moments for you.


The ceremony:

Perfect for an intimate wedding. The maximum number of guest is 28 with just your closest loved ones. In fact smaller weddings are growing in popularity. Given the smaller guest list you have a great opportunity to focus on creating a personal and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

The aisle is very short, it is crucial that you walk slowly so your wedding photographer can take plenty of pictures of you. Please also remind your bridal party on this.


I said yes!

This part just after the ceremony when the stress is gone, the joy takes over and everybody is looking forward to the celebration. So, take it slow, smile at your guests and your husband/wife. Pump your first bouquet in the air, give the victory sign and kiss if you want.


The Viewing Platform:

Head up to the rooftop terrace for a 360° view of London and of course to document these unique and special moments with your photographer. This platform is included with all hires. If you're just visiting first the castle note that the viewing platform is only open on Saturdays.


The confetti:

If you're planning to have confetti thrown I'd recommend you to use the side exit of the building which is a very cute wooden door leading to the side garden. This area is also a perfect place for group photos!

Let's summarise:


Cost of a ceremony: £800 - £2500

This venue is:
Very unique, historical landmark, woodland weddings, same sex weddings, intimate ceremony, small weddings.

Up to 55
Ceremony: up to 40 or 28 seated

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