The Pergola and Hill Garden | Engagement photoshoot

Photography by David Bige Photography

The Pergola and Hill Garden | Engagement photoshoot

No wonder why so many couples choose the Pergola and Hill Garden for their engagement photo session.

The Pergola and Hill Garden is one of the hidden beauties of Hampstead Heath in London. It’s located north of the capital and it’s surrounded by lovely parks fancy coffee shops and friendly streets of Hampstead, Childs Hill and Golders Green.

Ida & Hugo’s engagement session at the Pergola & Hill Garden

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in late July when we met at the entrance of the garden. The pergola was busy with people wandering around and enjoying the lovely views over the Heath and Hampstead Hill Gardens.

After a few minutes of waiting for the rain to ease off, we started the photo session from the north entrance. I asked them to hold hands and walk towards me to start with some very natural photos.

This is my favourite start of a photo session. I know that most of the couples would feel nervous to be photographed for the first time. For me it is very important to create natural, candid moments which will reflect on the final photos.

We stopped under the footbridge of the Pergola and I spotted those lovely bricks and colours to create this warm and cosy background. I noticed that their nervousness was gone and they began to enjoy this magical moment.

After entering we wandered around enjoying the landscaped garden which was the private garden of a now demolished manor house. It feels different from the ‘usual’ parks we are used to. It makes you think that you are in a hidden and secret spot in London where the landscape hasn’t changed for centuries.

We made our way up the stairs and walked through the avenue of this wonder garden where both architecture and landscape gardening is so unique that you don’t get to see anywhere else in the city.

The majestic stone columns and the magical timeless wooden beams

The experience was simply unforgettable and I am so glad that we managed to document these special moments. I so hope that Ida & Hugo both enjoyed just as much as I did and I am so looking forward to returning there for more photo sessions in the future.

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Kind words

David was absolutely amazing for our engagement photo shoot. We were slightly nervous to begin with having to be in front of the camera. He captured us in the most casual and comfortable way just as we intended to feel. We felt relaxed through out the whole session and David were able to capture us at great candid times. There were parts of the session where we had to wait out for the heavy rain to pass and David was a champ handing us his umbrella even if it meant his camera was more vulnerable to the rain
Ida & Hugo

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