Wedding tips for couples

Saying ‘I Do’ Stress-Free: Your Ultimate Wedding Day Tips for Blissful Beginnings!

Family Photo Coordinator

Finding and gathering all members of the families can be challenging.
Nominate a family member (or one for each side of the family) who can be the ‘director’ of the shoot. They can round everyone up, help get them in the shot and keep things moving so you can enjoy the moment.


Keep some key items in one place in the morning so your photographer can easily take photos of them all. Remember to have your invitation cards with you as well.

Wedding photography tips for couples


A colour-matching hanger for your drees/suite is essential. Pack some in case if it’s not shipped with your dress. In my opinion, the wooden looks the best in photos, but you can use any material that works best for you.

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Plan your evening around the sun

Sunset is one of the best times to capture those epic photos that will adorn your wall. Depending on the month of the year, the golden hour will occur at different times. Check with your photographer for your evening timeline and make adjustments for the speeches or first dance timings if necessary.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Save time by informing relatives

Inform your family members and friends about the formal and group photos so they will be there when needed.

Wedding photography tips for couples

First Look For Everyone

Have a ‘first look’ moment not only with your parents but also with your bridesmaids. It will create some amazing reaction photos and elevate the excitement in the morning.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Bridesmaids Bouquet Frames

How about finding a way to utulizle your wedding bouquets? With all of the work that goes into these floral arrangements, you don’t want to forget them after the wedding.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Walk slowly down the aisle

Especially if the aisle is very short, it is crucial that you walk slowly and wait until nobody is blocking the view of you so your wedding photographer can take plenty of pictures of you. Please also remind your bridal party about this.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Three seconds for the kiss

Make sure your first kiss lasts at least three seconds or more so your wedding photographer has enough time to create a variety of images.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Don’t rush to sign the documents

When signing the marriage documents, take a second to enjoy the moment.
I always recommend my couples to take a few moments once in a while to just enjoy their event. Don’t rush when signing the marriage documents, look at each other’s eyes to live that moment more intensely.

Wedding photography tips for couples

The photographer arrives early

Let the venue know about your photographer.
It helps if they expect me to be your photographer especially because I usually arrive earlier to capture the venue from outside and the first arriving guests.
Plan 15-20 minutes before the ceremony and potentially after to allow me to capture some candid moments with family and friends as well as some portraits of you outside of the venue.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Unplugged wedding ceremonies

Many couples choose to have unplugged wedding ceremonies where they ask their guests to just enjoy the ceremony without taking photos.
This can be communicated to the guests before the event or on the day by the officiant.
Alternatively, you might want to consider an unplugged processional (the part where you walk down the aisle).
This can help me to capture your guest’s genuine emotions and not their cell phones. This will make a huge difference years later when you look back.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Interact during the recessional

This part is when you leave after the ceremony when the stress is gone, the joy takes over and everybody is looking forward to the celebration. So, take it slow, and smile at your guests and your husband. Pump your first bouquet in the air, give the victory sign and kiss if you want.

Wedding photography tips for couples

Moments you’d like to keep

Have a list of the items you’d like me to photograph. I always look for the details to capture, however, a list can speed things up and secure the `must have’ shots.

Wedding photography tips for couples

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