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Wedding Venues In West Sussex

Planning your wedding in West Sussex?

Hello there! I’m a seasoned wedding photographer nestled in the heart of Sussex, immersed in the art of capturing those enchanting wedding moments. Over the years, I’ve cultivated a camaraderie with the various wedding venues dotting the Sussex landscape, creating a snug little community. With the limited number of picturesque spots available, I often find myself revisiting familiar locales. Surprisingly, it’s a delightful experience! I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by these idyllic countryside wedding venues. Choosing the perfect setting from this array of stunning locations can be a daunting task for my couples, and honestly, I can’t blame them – each one is an ideal backdrop for a magical wedding. Here are a good selection of very unique venues that I selected to highlight.

At a glance

There are many amazing wedding venues in West Sussex. Below is a list of some of the places, in no particular order, where I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Take a glance at what’s available in your area from a wedding photographer’s perspective.

Tottington Manor Hotel & Restaurant

Tottington’s Wedding Suite, an all-in-one wedding venue, boasts breathtaking views of the rolling hills of the South Downs. With its intimate size, you’ll always feel connected to your guests. I photographed a winter wedding here last December, and the attention to detail, along with tasteful Christmas decor, made the venue inviting and cosy.”

The Ravenswood

Ravenswood at East Grinstead, a licensed wedding venue since 1974, combines historic charm with modern elegance. With a garden view, the Rosewood Cottage for pre-wedding ease, and renovated suites like the Jacobean and Princess Beatrice, it accommodates up to 300 guests. Experience the timeless allure of this remarkable venue, where your special day unfolds in a perfect blend of history, beauty, and celebration. From the getting ready, throughout the ceremony to the evening reception, Ravenswood promises an unforgettable day.

Alexander House, East Grinstead

Alexander Houesw is a five-star hotel south of East Grinstead. I photographed and filmed a spring wedding here and I had a really good time. Ellie and Joe invited around 70 guests for their special day and had a fun & relaxed day in a luxurious setting. The day ran really smoothly with the help of a toastmaster and the team of the hotel worked tirelessly to make their day even more special.

Findon Manor Weddings

Another cosy winter wedding in West Sussex at the beautiful Findon Manor. Being super close to Wothring in the small village of Findon this venue was the perfect setting for Shiniqua & Andrew’s special day.

Ashdown Park Hotel

Stepping into the past in a luxurious hotel, the Ashdown Park Hotel will take your guests’ breath away. Endless photo opportunities and a wedding breakfast at the impressive chapel with its stained glass windows. Ceremonies indoors and outdoors, hosting larger weddings and is located right in the heart of Ashdown Forest.

Angmering Manor Hotel

One more fantastic hotel close to Worthing is the Angmering Manor. Step into the allure of Angmering Manor, an enchanting country house hotel nestled in the coastal village of Angmering. Dating back to the 16th century this charming hotel hosted Tracie & Peter’s Summer wedding.

Chichester Yacht Club

Why not to get married at a Yacht Club? Sarah and Andrew had an incredible time at Chichester Yacht Club, actively engaging with the club’s offerings. Their summer wedding was filled with laughter, a breathtaking sunset, and countless unforgettable moments.

Hickstead Hotel

Further north of Brighton on the A23 road, you’ll find Hickstead Hotel. This hotel will have everything that you need for a whole-day celebration. Picture this: stunning views of the West Sussex countryside, and impeccably manicured grounds—perfect for your love-filled day. As a photographer who’s seen my fair share of love stories, I can’t recommend this place enough. From your first chat with their amazing wedding organizer to waving goodbye before your honeymoon adventure, The Hickstead has your back. With cosy private rooms, an Oak Tree Bistro, and even room for your overnight guests, it’s a one-stop shop for the perfect wedding vibe.

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Hillfields Farm Wedding Venue

Hillfields Farm Wedding Venue

David Bige Photography showcases a real wedding at Hillfields Farm, a luxury, family-run, dog-friendly venue in Berkshire. This venue is perfect for indoor/outdoor ceremonies and up to 150 evening guests. It features a rustic barn and picturesque outdoor spaces, with accommodation and preparation areas on-site. The venue provides a perfect backdrop for weddings, with services including photography and pre-wedding photoshoot opportunities.

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