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Crystal Palace Park is one of my favourite places to go with couples for an engagement photo session. The park is full of amazing spots for a perfect photo session.

Something about this park is so magical.

Crystal Palace Park is located in South East London and it’s easy to access by public transport or car not to mention the free parking and many exciting sights the park offers its visitors.

Grace & Leandro’s engagement session

When I met Grace and Leandro at the park near the train station I was a little concerned with the number of people around us. I know the park very well as I used to live nearby, but probably never seen it to be so busy.

So we cracked on straight away and shot a few images after we left the station and walked upwards on the hill heading towards the bus station on the top of the park.

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We slowed down by the brick wall of the park and shot a few photos there as a start. After a couple of seconds, they started to enjoy the session and became comfortable with me around them. I looked at my camera screen and I was already very excited to see the results. I always look for textures and colours and this mossy brick wall was a perfect background.

Further up we stopped by some colourful flowers and I asked Grace and her partner Leandro to interact with each other, laugh, and hug as much as they just possibly can. And the results are just AMAZING. They were so natural and in love that I felt no need to direct them at all.

We then started to walk downwards in the centre of the park where some of the remains of the Crystal Palace are still visible and many Victorian statues still in excellent condition looking at south London from the hills of Bromley.

For a moment we felt the time has stopped around us and despite the crowd in the park we just spent some quality time taking a look around. The views are just spectacular from this spot and it feels so relaxing to be surrounded by the old oak trees and historical monuments.

We stopped by the terraces where the sphinxes dominated the scheme. It was a really nice time and we continued to walk along the grass bank on the Upper Terrace for an amazing view over Kent.

Down by the Stadium, we found some shade under these old and beautiful trees. It was great to take a break from the hot sunshine of this late Saturday afternoon. From this spot, it was just moments to reach the boating lake, but we decided to go straight back to the station as the crowd was building up. We felt to be so lucky to find quiet places and create these unforgettable moments.

We headed back to the station where we finished up the session with a few more couple photos as well as individual portraits which I always offer to take. It’s perfect for LinkedIn and similar professional networks where you want to look pro.

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Kind words

David was brilliant for my engagement photoshoot, he put us at ease, suggested poses and backdrops but also made sure we had our own input and covered our vision too. The photos turned out brilliantly, from some angles I didn’t even notice him taking them! He has a great eye for lighting and favours a natural candid style over posed photos but offers you the opportunity for headshots to be taken also. Photos were delivered quickly with lots to choose from…
Grace & Leandro

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