Hartsfield Manor Weddings

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Hartsfield Manor Weddings

Planning your wedding at Hartsfield Manor? Awesome! It’s one of my favourite wedding venues to work in. In this short but detailed blog, I will share some very useful information you hardly can find anywhere and some great tips from a photographer’s perspective which will help you achieve some amazing wedding photos.

At a glance

Hartsfield Manor – Surrey

Hartsfield Lounge: 90 guests
Terrace Restaurant: 120 guests
Hartsfield Pavilion (garden): 120 guests
Brockham Suite: 40 guests


It is not surprising that the history of a manor that dates back to the 1860s is fascinating. I just love history and knowing interesting facts about the venues I work in makes it even more interesting and joyful. Visit their official website to see who built it, which country’s army used it as a hospital, and more. Your guest will be blown away by the Manor House Hotel.

The building is situated on 16 acres of private countryside with absolutely amazing views (perfect for couple portraits!).

This venue was designed with space and flexibility in mind and your wedding coordinator will make sure you and your guests have an unforgettable day.

Lovely details throughout

This place is full of little details marking the past few hundreds of years. Although the building is nicely renovated to the highest standards the new owners definitely made sure that the authenticity of the manor is maintained.


Prep is made easy in this hotel. With all bookings, they provide a beautiful dressing room for the whole morning so you can arrange your makeup, hair, and anything else you may need to be ready stress-free for your ceremony. For some awesome detail photos, I always use the rooms downstairs with the piano and other interesting items to make the photos more unique.

Ceremony at the Hartsfield Lounge

For up to 90 guests is the largest room to hold ceremonies. With stunning views and superb natural light, you cannot go wrong with this choice. There is a smaller lounge connected to this room with comfy sofas and a piano where usually Lance Jones plays beautiful songs.

Brockham suite

The Brockham suite is the smaller ceremony room for up to 40 guests. This room has also wonderful views as well as great natural light. There is space for a pianist or harpist to stay at the back of the room and play some lovely music for the duration of your ceremony.


You might not have all the 16 acres available at once, but the space is vast and beautiful. With comfy garden furniture and play areas for the kids, it’s not a question of whether you are heading out after your ceremony if the weather allows. You can also choose to have the confetti at the front or here at the back patio area.

Reception & evening party

For wedding breakfast and reception parties, you can select either the Terrace Restaurant or the Hartsfield Lounge. Both rooms have a large capacity and are perfect for a wonderful afternoon/evening. The hotel team will take care of every single detail and make sure you and your guests have a flawless day. There is a good selection of food you can choose from ranging from and it tastes delicious.

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